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Trinidad 7 Pot Primo

Trinidad 7 Pot Primo


A Ginger & Tumeric flavored sauce. A Compliment to any meal and it will purely enhance your own dishes flavor and add heat.


Trinidad 7 Pot Primo
Scoville Heat Units (SHU): Average: 1,035 000 (800 000 - 1,270 000)
It’s a widely sought after super-hot pepper for those that love extreme eating. Not only for its 
fruity punch, but also for its looks. Its pronounced scorpion-like tail gives this pepper an outer 
attitude to match its fire. In terms of taste, the 7 Pot Primo has a fruity flavor (citrusy with a 
hint of floral) that’s similar to the Naga Morich. Though, of course, the fruity flavor is quickly 
replaced with pure fire as the primary flavor.
Creator: Troy Primeaux

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