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Trinidad 7 Pot Bugundy

Trinidad 7 Pot Bugundy


The Trinidad 7 Pot Burgundy. What can I say, this is one of my favorites! The taste and flavor is unbelievable and with the rich red/brown color you can easily fall in love with.
We used apple and plum in the sauce to accentuate the natural sweet flavor of honey and caramel.


Trinidad 7 Pot Burgundy
Scoville Heat Units (SHU): Average: 900 000 (800 000 - 1,000 000) 
Another extremely hot and beautiful 7 pod, this one tastes like, caramel with a hint of honey, 
the sweetness is noticed as soon as you bite into the pod, then the heat starts building for a while. 
When the heat finally peaks, a honey like smell remains in your mouth. 


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