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Johnny Hexburg-125ml Mint Sauce, Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly, Garden Mint Glaze,Gluten Free Mint Sauce Bottle

Ingredients: Our crucial mint sauce is a wholesome blend of vinegar, water, fresh mint, chilli (6%), sugar, garlic, herbs, spices and a little bit of corn starch.


Johnny Hexburg hot mint sauce is healthy and safe for use by all age groups. Sugar give pleasing and sweet taste as well as mint leaves provides great and appealing aroma to this sauce which when taken by mouth provides Lucious and palatable taste.


Garden mint glaze transforms ordinary recipes into appetizing recipes.Mint sauce can be used by several ways as can be taken with simple bread or by adding to food to make it spicier as well as to add more flavor and aroma.


Natural-Mint sauce with no artificial color or flavor made with British grown mint proves the best choice for both taste and nutritional value.Mint leaves have versatile nature and add flavor, freshness in our foods.


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