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Mediterranean Seasoning

Mediterranean Seasoning

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Johnny Hexburg-125ml Mediterranean Seasoning Jar-Perfect Mediterranean Seasoning Blend for Meat Rubs, BBQ Rubs or Marinades


Ingredients: Sea Salt (60%), Garlic, Black Pepper, Oregano, Secret Herbs & Spices


Main Ingredient: Oregano is one of the key ingredients in Mediterranean seasoning. This herb has a pungent and slightly bitter taste, which makes it a great complement to roasted meats and vegetables. It is also known for its antioxidant properties and has been linked to several health benefits, including reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system.


1 year shelf life

  • Additional Uses

    The use of Mediterranean seasoning blend can add a lot of depth and complexity to your dishes. It works particularly well with roasted meats, vegetables, and seafood, and can also be used as a seasoning for dips and dressings. The combination of herbs and spices in Mediterranean seasoning creates a fragrant and flavorful aroma that can bring your dishes to life.

  • Perfect Seasoning Blend

    A fragrant, herby seasoning blend that brings out the flavours of the Mediterranean. Our seasoning can be sprinkled onto veg before roasting or mixed with olive oil as a marinade for lamb.

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