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Thousand Island Dressing-1000 Island Dressing

Thousand Island Dressing-1000 Island Dressing

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Johnny Hexburg-125ml Thousand Island Dressing-1000 Island Dressing - Condiment Sauce Sugar Free & Zero Calories


Ingredients: 1000 Island dressing is a salad dressing and condiment traditionally made with mayonnaise, ketchup or chili sauce, and sweet pickle relish.


Allergen: Mustard

  • 🌶️ Versatile Sauce

    The Johnny Hexburg Sauces range is at the heart of our desire to bring the best ingredients together, blended to produce fantastic tasting sauces. Only the best ingredients make up our bold Classic and unique hot sauces flavours, to help everyone easily create mouth-watering meals

  • Ready to Use Sauce

    Tasty tomato and sour pickles bring zest and punch to this classic dressing, with subtle notes of garlic, chilli and cloves making a fully-rounded flavour. This tasty ready to use Thousand Island dressing as a perfect addition to salad. Johnny Hexburg Thousand Island Dressing is a classic creamy dressing with tasty tomato and sour pickles. Perfect for fish salads or on burgers!

  • Uses

    1000 Island dressing is commonly used as a sandwich spread, particularly on burgers and Reuben sandwiches. It can also be used as a dip for vegetables, fried foods such as onion rings or french fries, or as a topping for salads. It is also sometimes used as a sauce for fish or chicken dishes.

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